About Us

Love You STUDIO is a movement towards LOVE not hate and also a movement for free personal expressions. 

The goal of Love You STUDIO is to have a badge to stand behind, that represents unconditional LOVE and acceptance for all, something that perpetuates the impact and lasting effects of LOVE, as hope, as an answer and as a political point of view.

Love You STUDIO was created to be a brazen act of resistance, of self-fulfillment and complete self-expression. The Love You STUDIO represents the emblem of Who-We-Really-ARE, without the need to understand or define. It is the space of not understanding and still loving, that is The Love You STUDIO, a symbol not for the wearer, but the viewer, as an example of fulfilled SELF, a perpetuator and an advocate of that.

When creating, for Love You STUDIO, if you decide to do so, Channel Who-You-Really-ARE, without fear or judgement. What does your SELF look like? Dig for Love You STUDIO. The world needs your pure relentless SELF. The world needs your brave example of Who-You-Really-ARE. You may not be simple or definable or even just one thing, but you are perfect. Give the world the honor of letting it see it.
By doing so you create space for others to do the same.

We are extremely passionate about what Love You STUDIO represents. We hope that you can be too.