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4 Pcs. Wooden Spurtle

4 Pcs. Wooden Spurtle

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Cooking with stainless kitchen utensils not only ruins your expensive pots and pans but also, gives you burns. Alternatively, you can use silicone kitchen utensils. They are lightweight and easy to clean. However, they are not as durable as you think and sometimes change the taste of your dishes.

Introducing eco-friendly alternative spurtles:

100% Natural Acacia Wood: Acacia Tree is famous for its durability so this wooden kitchen spurtle set is no doubt the best choice for kitchen utensils. These spatulas are beautiful, solid, sturdy, smooth, and have a superb finish. 

Safe To Use: These kitchen spurtles are eco-friendly and non-toxic for your health. This wooden utensil set is sturdy and lightweight, carefully sanded and smooth all-around, no sharps or rough parts are left to ensure a comfy feel in your hands while using them. 

Practical: This wooden spatula has a flat shape and round corners, making it easy to scrape in your smaller pots, leaving no food behind. With the spatula’s curved shape, getting underneath and flipping your dishes has never been easier! The wooden spurtles are perfectly designed for spreading, flipping, stirring, whisking, and a lot more.

Scratch-proof & Heat-resistant: These premium wooden spurtles are designed to protect your kitchen equipment: ceramic, stainless, cast iron pots, and pans. They are friendly with every surface, prolonging your equipment’s life. Unlike silicone utensils, they will not melt or change the flavor while stirring in boiling water or sauce.

Easy To Clean & Maintain: These wooden cooking utensils will only take a few minutes to wash. Simple hand washing in warm soapy water then rinse clean and store dry. To maintain its natural wooden beauty, you may apply mineral oil.

Easy To Reuse & Recycle: Though Acacia wood lasts a lifetime when the time your wooden spurtles need to retire, you can easily reuse these spurtles or recycle them without harming the environment.

These wooden spatulas are heat-resistant. Perfect for any food like your favorite vegan-friendly dishes, salad, pasta, dessert, and a lot more. Switching to a wooden spurtle set is the best decision you will ever have. These are also awesome gifts for housewarming, weddings, birthdays, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and other special days!

>>> Guess what else! We donate 10% of our profits to One Tree Planted, so you aren't the only one who benefits from your order. Yay Giving!!

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