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Kitchen Floor Mat

Kitchen Floor Mat

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Want a more comfortable kitchen experience?

An excellent choice for a multi-purpose non-slip kitchen mat, this twill rug is the answer to your aching feet while doing household chores. It is super absorbent, soaking up dirt and water to keep your floors fresh and clean. Simply put the kitchen carpet on a washing machine and it looks brand new again, without worrying about fading colors or loose stitches. It would not hurt that they are absolutely fashionable too.

Available in grey and brown, this farmhouse-style kitchen rug is versatile enough to be used as an accent rug to brighten up any part of the house. Everything about this kitchen mat screams premium and can’t wait to beautify your home.

Here are more reasons why this kitchen floor rug is a must-have:

Topnotch Quality for Better Kitchen Experience: Premium kitchen rug is made of high-quality nonwoven fabrics that are soft, durable, and guaranteed to last a long time. This kitchen mat provides excellent cushioning, which reduces discomfort in the feet especially when spending long hours standing. The colorfast twill fabric does not fade even with repeated washing and cleaning. 

Non-Slip, Non-Skid: User safety is a top priority. Specifically designed to prevent slipping, this kitchen floor mat features a high-quality non-skid underneath that provides a better grip to avoid any kitchen floor accidents. Its anti-skid characteristic makes this rug a perfect kitchen sink mat as it stays in place when used despite water and cooking oil spills. This rug has enough traction to work well on both dry and wet surfaces.

Highly Absorbent: This kitchen mat is among the most absorbent rugs you can find in the market today. Constructed using absorbent fibers that soak up various types of liquid such as water and oil, saving you a lot of time in cleaning and drying the floor. It easily traps dirt and mud, making it also an ideal option for a doormat.

Easy to Clean: Forget the hassle of hand washing because this waterproof kitchen mat is machine-washable. Just add some of your favorite detergents and run the washing machine as you normally would. The thick will fabric used is also safe in the drier. In no time your kitchen sink rug is clean and ready to use again.

Versatile and Practical: More than just a floor mat! Besides being used as a kitchen and doormat, this doubles as an accent rug that will surely illuminate any bare spot in your living room and bedroom. It comes in neutral colors such as brown and grey, which easily match the aesthetics of your home. This comfort mat is versatile enough to add warmth and flavor to your kitchen or any part of your house.

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